7 Steps to Follow If You Are Dying Your Hair

7 Steps to Follow If You Are Dying Your Hair

7 Steps to Follow If You Are Dying Your Hair

The outcome of your hair dyeing adventure lies in the hands of your hair design choice and the talent of the professional. Hunting down the best hair care beauty salon is an important move to make. But there are also some other minute factors that can make a difference in the design and duration of your hair dye. Here are seven such tips to have a satisfying and lasting hair color experience.  


Blindly walking into an appointment and demanding to get your hair colored will be a startling situation for both the stylist and you. There are certain factors like the texture, thickness, and natural shade of your hair that must be considered before coming up with a plan. For this, consulting the stylist before the appointment is necessary.


There is a myriad of coloring styles to choose from. Styles like ombre, balayage, platinum, and hair highlights for women are the most popular. But for styles like platinum, you need to appear for regular refresher appointments if you want the color to last. Hence the tolerability of hair color maintenance in light of your lifestyle must be discussed with the stylist.  


Showing your stylist pictures of what you have in mind, of the cut and color, is the best way to communicate exactly what you want. Having a clear idea of your likes and dislikes allows the stylist to tailor a customized look which will make no space for dissatisfaction.


There is no need to jump right into a fantasy full-length hair coloring. If you are unsure of whether you can manage the whole dyed hair lifestyle, start with something low maintenance and subtle, like a glaze, before entering the permanent territory.


Even though it is labeled semi-permanent or temporary, boxed dyes are a scam and certain pigments might still stick onto your strands even after the color fades away. This creates several problems like shade irregularities and hair damage while getting your permanent hair color.


In order to protect the color, you need to switch to a color protective shampoo and conditioner. You can ask your stylist for suggestions for good brands. Doing this will slow down the fading and gives you a vibrant touch throughout the day. Also, avoid daily washes of hair and use a leave-in protective conditioner if your hair is going to be exposed to the pool water.


The cost of the appointment depends upon various factors such as the style, stylist, products used, and where the salon is situated. That’s why it is important to have a consultation as the stylist can give an estimate of cost more accurately than a receptionist.

Keeping all these tips in mind and mentally preparing yourself is the best way to permanently dye your hair. There are a lot of salons specializing in Hair treatment for women and choosing the best among them is your choice. Enjoy your new look, folks!!!

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