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The Miss World Beauty Salon was established in 2018 to revolutionise personalized hair, nail, and skincare, a concept that began in Al - Nabba, Sharjah. The Miss World replicates the perfect self-care retreat in urban Emirates, bringing the legendary glam of Hollywood. The venue channels the extravagance of gorgeous possibilities, as well as the beauty of professionalism and modernism, with its bold and contemporary interior. Our team of professionals, award-winning stylists, and brilliant artists are dedicated to providing you with an unforgettable customer experience that you will remember and incorporate into your regular self-care routine.

In urban Emirates, the Miss World recreates the ideal self-care retreat, bringing the iconic glam of Hollywood. With its strong and contemporary décor, the venue expresses the extravagance of stunning possibilities, as well as the beauty of professionalism and modernism.

We take pleasure in our ability to innovate, staying on top of the latest trends in beauty treatments. We use some of the most refined and luxurious hair, nail, and skincare brands, never sacrificing client satisfaction and adhering to the highest level of international standards. We warmly welcome you to Miss World Beauty Salon, where you can relax, de-stress, and get a marvellous makeover!

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Miss World celebrates artistry, creativity, and self-expression, and our hairstylists and colorists are no exception. Find the right stylist for you by reviewing our industry-leading Hair & Beauty Salon team.








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Our professional stylists have received training in renowned salons all around the world. We specialise in creating styles that are tailored to your career, personality, and way of life.

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Our luxury rewards program, Miss World Rewards, allows you to earn money off services when you visit our salons.

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A Gift Card of any value can be redeemed at the Hair & Beauty Salon, making it an excellent personalised beauty gift.

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It is 100% free. Joining is easy. Get a 25% discount on your first appointment and 10% off everything else. This deal cannot be combined with any other promotion and is not available to anybody under the age of 16.

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