Keratin Hair Spa Treatment:- What, Why, And When

Keratin Hair Spa Treatment:- What, Why, And When

Keratin Hair Spa Treatment:- What, Why, And When

‘One of the most suggested and customer-preferred hair treatments’ is the recently earned title of Keratin Hair Spa Treatment. The fame behind this procedure is mostly contributed to the post-keratin smoothness and frizz-free texture of the hair. But it is not wise to dive into this procedure without making sure your needs align with its benefits.  

What is a Keratin treatment? What is its procedure?  

A Keratin hair spa treatment is often misunderstood as a procedure to restore the keratin in your hair. But the truth is a bit far from it. In the words of Andrew Fitzsimons, celebrity hairstylist and NatureLab Tokyo brand ambassador, “Keratin hair spa treatments are semi-permanent hair straightening treatments that smooth and add shine to frizzy hair.” It is an effective way to prevent hair breakage which in turn can promote hair growth. If you are tired of your frizzes and would like your hair to be manageable with minimum damage, Keratin is for you. 

Why the keratin treatment?  

The perks of a Keratin treated hair are many to list. If you are someone who does not have enough time to spend on straightening your hair every day, keratin is for you. It saves you a lot of time as Keratin treated hair is guaranteed to be frizz-free and ‘perfect’. It is comparatively low maintenance to look after the hair after this treatment. You just have to make sure to use sulfate-free hair products and you can make the protein-packed healthy look of your hair last longer. Keratin hair spa treatment is also said to protect your hair color.  

When should I get a Keratin treatment? When am I supposed to redo the treatment? 

Keratin cannot solve all your hair problems. But it can solve many. It is best to resort to Keratin treatment when your hair is starting to become frizzy and dry. Keratin can give your hair a smooth texture in the safest method possible. If you want your hair to be temporarily straight, but do not have enough time to spend on it daily, you can opt for Keratin treatment. It keeps your hair straight for 3 to 4 months without damaging it. The extent of the benefits of Keratin treatment is highly dependent upon your hair care routine and hair texture. It would be wise to consult a hairstylist to know about the duration of your smooth and frizz-free hair. 

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