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Styling is a serious business, and we’ve approached it with zeal. Our hairdressers share this enthusiasm. Each person has been hand-picked, taught, and equipped to create works of art that will eventually become the most popular hair and beauty procedures. We’re always on the move, trying to outdo one other. Always in a state of mind that we call Miss World.

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Our experienced make-up artists will design a look that matches your natural beauty and highlights your best characteristics, whether it's a dramatic makeover, preparation for an evening out, or a make-up course where you can learn the latest techniques.

Why not have your make-up done while you're getting your hair done? If you're short on time, it's a terrific method to prepare for an evening out or crucial function.

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Yes. The aesthetician will do a skin examination before the facial to ascertain your skin type. Following the determination of your skin type (dry, oily, sensitive, mature, or dehydrated), the face products utilised will be suitable for your skin type. And the aesthetician should ask about your current health conditions, the skin care products you use, recent procedures, and your top skin care concerns.
Wearing sunscreen regularly is crucial because UV exposure raises the chance of skin cancer and a variety of skin issues, including wrinkles and dark patches. Select a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a 15 or higher sun protection factor (SPF). Beyond that, washing with a mild cleanser and moisturising your face and neck only require a short amount of time each morning and evening.
Cleansers, serums, and moisturisers are a few of the different shapes that anti-ageing products can take. Night Face Creams are an excellent pair that not only moisturises and brightens the face, minimises small wrinkles, and eliminates hyperpigmentation.
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