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Hair Care

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Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex Treatment

This is the concentrated treatment that helps protect your hair from chemical damage. It gives strength, and shine, to your hair.

Hair Spa And Henna

Hair spa and Henna

It is a rehydration therapy for your hair root and this treatment gives refresh and moisture to your hair roots.

Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment

You will get through Keratin Hair Treatment smooths and often straightness hair.

Permanent Blow Dry

Permanent Blow Dry

This process involves the application of Keratin Treatment. It helps your hair eliminates Frizz and relaxes waves in Hair.

Hair Care

Protein Hair Treatment

This treatment gives your hair shine, stronger, less freezy, and manageable hair. Protein Treatment for extremely dry hair and damaged hair helps restore overall hair structure.

Hair Styling Services

Hair Straightening/ Rebonding

Hair straightening is of two types, permanent and temporary. Permanent hair straightening done a chemical process. Hair rebonding is similar to Hair Straightening.

Hair treatments

Hair Botox Treatment

Hair Botox Treatment is a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with a filler such as Keratin. If you have any broken or thin areas the treatment will fill each hair strand.

Hair Care

Hair falls prevention treatment

Hair falls prevention treatment helps to reduce fungal and bacterial infections also maintain hygiene around yourself and keep your hair clean.

Hair care

Anti- Dandruff prevention Treatment

This treatment helps to remove your scalp itching and flaking of dandruff. It helps your clean scalp and reduces oil.

Hair Styling

Collagen Hair Treatment

It helps you healthy scalp and strengthen hair from the root and impart better absorption of your conditioner.

Hair Styling

Stem Cell Nano Filler Treatment

Stem Cell Nano Filler treatment restores embryonic potential to a patient's aged or damaged cells.

Hair Spa

Hot Oil Massage

Hot Oil massage will remove Dandruff issues, Reduces Frizz, reduces hair falls, and give a fresh mind.

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Invest in your hair you wear it every day

Is your hair dry, damaged, frizzy, and unruly? We have a range of smoothing and repair systems that will leave your hair softer, smoother, straighter, and more manageable while also reducing frizz.

Inquire with our Miss World beauty stylist about the finest systems for you. We take a consultative approach to all of your hairdressing needs, including scalp and hair care. We provide a variety of in-salon hair treatments to round up your pleasant experience with us.

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To schedule an appointment online to choose your stylist or technician. If you are first-time booking an online appointment, we recommend calling us directly so that we can understand your needs and better assist you in booking the right time and service.

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Choose the service you want to perform in Miss World. Offering the best in Hair Style, Makeup, Hair Care, and Nail Care, we provide waxing so that you can look your best.

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All services require a credit/debit card on file. Contactless payments can be made with the card on file, Apple Pay, or similar methods. All receipts will be sent via email.

Each stroke improves the condition of your hair

Traditional haircare and grooming methods can be restrictive and repetitious, but we'll show you that cutting and colouring hair can be so much more.

Every customer is treated as a whole by our salon staff, with their hair being only one component. We will construct a look for you that is completely congruent with your lifestyle and personality through an in-depth and continuous consulting process geared to uncover who you are and how you wish to portray yourself in the world. We strive to stay current, but we recognise that balancing the practicalities of life with aesthetic ideals can be tough.

Hair Care

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