Hair Style

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Hair Style

Do you desire a transformation? Get a new haircut from one of our professional hairstylists!

Blow Dry / Styling

Blow Dry / Styling

It's a hair straightening used for flattening and straightening hair in order to give it a smooth.

Hair Smoothening

Hair Smoothening

It will give a flattening, straightening of hair in order to give a smooth, streamlined, and sleek appearance.

Perming Hair

Perming Hair

Perming means permanent hair style is consisting of waves or curls set in to the hair.

Bridal Styling

Bridal Styling

Bridal Styling is a help of design the perfect look of the her most important day.

Hair Cut

Cut & Finish

Whether you're looking for something completely different or just want to refresh your look, our professionalism and attention to detail remain the same. Different styles of hairstyle will get your wish and it will give a finishing touch and color to hair.

Hair Style

Coloring / Highlights

Hair coloring is the process of dyeing a completely head of hair and it's highlighting the color of hair strands and streaks.

Miss World Beauty Salon

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If you're confused about what colour or style to choose, Miss World Beauty Salon can help. We have a good reputation and a depth of experience in all elements of hairstyling, having been in business for over 16 years. We have the experience and ability to help you get the style you want, from kids' haircuts to advanced hair treatments.

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To schedule an appointment online to choose your stylist or technician. If you are first-time booking an online appointment, we recommend calling us directly so that we can understand your needs and better assist you in booking the right time and service.

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Choose the service you want to perform in Miss World. Offering the best in Hair Style, Makeup, Hair Care, and Nail Care, we provide waxing so that you can look your best.

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All services require a credit/debit card on file. Contactless payments can be made with the card on file, Apple Pay, or similar methods. All receipts will be sent via email.

Taking Your Appearance to New Heights

Would you like a complete makeover or something different, with a few highlights, creative colour, or any pre-formulated colours? Hair is a reflection of your personality and style.

It's widely said that your hairstyle is the one aspect of your appearance that you wear every day; unlike clothes, our hair rarely ends up in the hamper. Hairstyles should complement our natural beauty while also showing our personal preferences.

Our hair stylists offer their skills to assist you obtain attractive results and gain confidence in your hair colour. Miss World Beauty Salon’s specially developed treatment and care will revive your hair while infusing it with natural Keratin, making it exceptionally soft, silky, and shining!

Hair Style

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