Break it up and make it fun! A premium wax product ensures a pain-free treatment.

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Eyebrow & Lip

Eyebrow & Lip

Our expert therapists will walk you through our brow and lip waxing treatments, making you feel at ease the entire time. After each treatment, your hair will gradually get finer and denser.

Arm & Leg

Arm & Leg

Miss World's professional wax treatments will fully remove undesirable hair from its roots, leaving you with stubble-free arms and legs. Waxing has numerous advantages in addition to the fact that it lasts longer.

Bikini Wax

Bikini Wax

Bikini waxes have been improving women's confidence for decades, whether you choose a popular Brazilian or a full-blown Hollywood. All of our intimate waxing treatments are performed with Australian Bodycare hot wax.

Ingrown Treatment

Ingrown Treatment

We use a fruit seed exfoliant before waxing. It aids in the removal of dead skin and the correct growth of hair. The skin is smoother and silkier after this treatment.

Miss World Beauty Salon

Happiness is Waxed Legs!!

Hair removal products such as Australian Bodycare hot wax are used by our therapists. They've created waxing techniques that are soft on the skin, quick, painless, and skin-friendly for both men and women.

We will provide exceptional results regardless of the type of waxing you choose: facial, body, or intimate. After your treatment, inquire about waxing aftercare items at our spas with our professionals.

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To schedule an appointment online to choose your stylist or technician. If you are first-time booking an online appointment, we recommend calling us directly so that we can understand your needs and better assist you in booking the right time and service.

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Choose the service you want to perform in Miss World. Offering the best in Hair Style, Makeup, Hair Care, and Nail Care, we provide waxing so that you can look your best.

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All services require a credit/debit card on file. Contactless payments can be made with the card on file, Apple Pay, or similar methods. All receipts will be sent via email.

A waxing can help you regain your confidence

Sitting for lengthy periods of time, bent over a desk or behind the wheel, puts strain on your shoulders and neck. In addition, migraines, injuries, and mental irritation can cause a numbing ache in your brain that you can't avoid or ignore.

The relaxing, skilled art of head, neck, and shoulder massage can ease all of this stress and suffering. This therapy can still benefit all of your muscles because the gains felt in your higher levels will flow down through the rest of your body, making it a less expensive but still very effective alternative to a full body massage.

Massage can revitalise your lymph system while also generating endorphins, or "pleasure hormones," which make you feel happier as well as calmed. Your therapist can help you conquer insomnia, eye strain, and migraines, among other issues, by delving into your curves.

All of this is available for an hour-long treatment at Miss World.


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