Summer Glow Up: Effective Ways to De-Tan Your Skin Naturally

Summer Glow Up: Effective Ways to De-Tan Your Skin Naturally

Summer Glow Up: Effective Ways to De-Tan Your Skin Naturally

The warmth of the summer sun? Yes, please!! But the annoying tan that follows? No thanks. This is the inner monologue that goes through all of our minds before going out and having some fun in the sun. The tanning of our skin has always been a problem. We can surely prevent it by applying sweat proof sunscreen. But prevention has a limit. A small mistake to slather and you will play with your complexion. You can avail to a descent Anti-tan Facial from the best ladies beauty salon in Sharjah or Kerala salon. However, nothing would be as convenient and effective as natural treatments. So here are four ways you can de-tan your skin easily.

  1. Sandalwood & Green Coconut Water 

The first combination of ingredients we’re going to look at is sandalwood & green coconut water. This combo is popularly knowns for its superpowers to fight against skin tan and hyperpigmentation. They also ensure a youthfulness to your skin as sandalwood is very reliable to provide the skin with a natural glow. These ingredients are so sought after in skin care that they are used for various beauty purpose like the best facial service in Sharjah

  1. Sour Curd & Tomato 

The regular use of a pack made in a 1:1 ratio comprising of these two ingredients can bring about the desirable de-tanning changes to your skin. It’s not surprising that this combo works really well as the tomato pulp is a well-known source of lycopene, a very effective anti-oxidant and de-tanning agent, while the sour curd has a rich content of milk proteins which provides nourishment to the skin. 

  1. Papaya & Honey 

Papaya & Honey are not just two very sweet edibles found in nature. But they are also a very good de-tanning formula when mixed together. On the application of a mixture of 2 tablespoon crushed papaya and 1 teaspoon honey, the skin will be naturally de-tanned due to the natural bleaching effect of the fruit while the honey fixes the dryness of the skin caused due to exposure to the sun rays. 

  1. Other De-Tan Packs 

There are a variety of De-tan packs that are available in the beauty market. If you are somebody who leads a life that is too busy to prepare your own De-tan pack, then buying these amazing products and utilizing them to bring back your complexion is the next best choice. You can select your product of choice from online reviews or you can ask best women beauty salon in Sharjah. 

If you are someone who wants to enjoy the sun, then nothing can hold you back. Not even the threat of Tanning. That’s why it is of utmost importance to include de-tanning into your daily skin care routine. You can try out the various natural remedies discussed above and de-tan from the comfort of your own home. Remember, de-tanning is your golden ticket to soak up the golden sun without any worries. 

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