Get Your Dream Hair with Permanent Blow Dry: The Revolutionary Hair Treatment

Get Your Dream Hair with Permanent Blow Dry: The Revolutionary Hair Treatment

Get Your Dream Hair with Permanent Blow Dry: The Revolutionary Hair Treatment

We all love a smooth and frizz-free hairstyle. Some of us even go to the lengths of blow-drying every single day just to get that soft, smooth look that might last for a few hours at best. If you are someone like that, then you have found your way to the right place. Let me introduce you to permanent blow-dry, a riveting revolution in the hair treatment field. It is one of the most recommended treatments in each Hair Care Beauty Salon. Let’s take a closer look at this treatment. 

What is a Permanent Blow-dry all about? 

A Permanent blow-dry or Brazilian blow-dry is a hair treatment that originated in Brazil and slowly spread worldwide due to its convenience and never-disappointing results. It’s a treatment that basically makes the uneven structure of the hair smooth and frizz-free. If you are looking for pin-straight strands, then this is not for you. Permanent blow-dry is mainly done to get an even texture than to get straighter hair. This treatment consists of a three-step procedure. The first step is the application of a specific shampoo to the roots before washing it off after a few minutes. The previous step straightens the roots while a keratin solution applied to the lengths of the hair helps in evening out the rest of the strands. The third step is the heating of the Keratin solution-soaked strands. A straightener is used to heat seal the strands to give frizz-free hair that lasts up to 3 months. 

Who can try it? 

People who have any hair type ranging from wavy to curly can get this treatment from top hair and beauty parlors near me. However, if you have straight hair then there is no need to permanently blow-dry it. It would be extremely beneficial to do this if you have frizzy hair as it will save you a lot of time which you might spend each day blow-drying yourself to perfection. If you have damaged hair sporting split ends, then it would be best to get a trim before getting a permanent blow-dry. Also, you should wait for at least a week after getting your hair dyed if you want to do this hair treatment. 

What is the required aftercare? 

Proper aftercare is important for all types of hair treatment, especially for this one. After getting a permanent blow-dry, you shouldn’t tie your hair for 3 days as it might create unwanted waves in the texture of your hair. You also shouldn’t wash your hair for 3 days. After that using SLS-free shampoo will help you enjoy the luxury of your smooth and silky hair last longer. 

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