Stunning Hair Highlight Ideas You Need to Try in 2023

Stunning Hair Highlight Ideas You Need to Try in 2023

Stunning Hair Highlight Ideas You Need to Try in 2023

2023 is a year that calls for a change. And what kind of change can top getting hair highlights for women in Sharjah? That’s right!! Nothing. There is something about the dimensional beauty brought out by a well-done hair highlight. So here are a few options you can explore before approaching a hair salon. Also, if you are looking for the best hair treatment for women in Sharjah, the doors of Miss World are open for you.

Traditional Highlights 

Also known as foiling, this process consists of bleach brushing and highlighting selected strands of hair while leaving the rest of the hair untouched. A good hair care beauty salon recommends this to add depth and dimension to your hair. 

Partial Highlights 

It is one of the most affordable but nonetheless still a beautiful choice. The hair on top of your head to the ones above your ears is traditionally considered for this highlight. It is best to add depth to fine hair and is a practical choice too. 

Full Highlights 

As the name suggests, full highlights are done on clients who want to brighten up and highlight their entire heads. According to us, the best hair salon in Sharjah, this style is best suited for women who wear their hair up more often than not. 

Babylight Highlights 

These are similar to traditional highlights but even smaller sections of hair than the latter are selected. This option is best suited to make subtle changes to your hair in an affordable way. It’s also a low-maintenance option highly suggested for fine-haired clients. 

Ombré Highlights 

Ombré highlights are done by highlighting the hair up till the very end. The top of the head will adorn a single shade and it slowly transitions into another shade as it nears towards the ends of the strands. It’s one of the bolder styles of highlighting but is popular nonetheless. 

Balayage Highlights 

Balayage, which means ‘to sweep’ in French, is one of the most popular styles of hair coloring in Sharjah. It’s a process where the stylist’s hand paints the sections of hair instead of foiling it. This gives a smooth, blended texture to your hair. 

Foil- ayage Highlights 

The procedure of this technique is somewhat similar to a balayage. But, as the name suggests, foil-ayage involves the use of foil. It is to achieve those extra vibrant highlights that are only possible with the use of foils. It is another one of the bolder options to choose from. 

Sombré Highlights 

Sombré is a combination of subtle and ombré. This style can be chosen by those who are going for a less dramatic change in their appearance.  

Chunky Highlights 

This is a bolder choice that involves highlighting large chunks of hair to produce a high-contrast look. Blondes and brunettes alike can benefit from these trendy highlights. 

Dimensional Highlights 

It consists of some creative steps of blending contrasting colors to give a dimensional texture and look to the client’s hair. Using foils and multiple color formulas more depth is added to the hair. 

Peekaboo Highlights 

Peekaboo highlights are one of the most subtle choices. It does require the highlighting of the top strands. The highlights are partially hidden under the layer of untouched hair.  

Now that you know all the options, what are you waiting for? Select your preferred choice from the top hair salon & beauty parlor near me and see how much change a few highlights can bring to the table.  

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